Chiropractic Testimonials

"My family was very blessed to find Dr. Justin. It was refreshing to have honest and precise information given to my family regarding our health. It was more than just a doctor appointment. We were educated regarding our health issues and how to turn our lives around. Honesty, Caring, Friendly… that’s what you will receive starting the first time you walk through the door!"

- Luann K.

"My friend invited me to one of Dr Justin’s information dinners. I had lower back pain, headaches, allergies and more. I have been going to Dr Justin for about 4-5 months. The first adjustment I had I had immediate relief from my headaches and lower back pain. The allergies have also gotten a lot better. And my body has gotten better with every adjustment. He has also helped encourage us in eating healthy and ridding our bodies of toxins. The thing I really like is he is very encouraging. Even if we can’t do everything he helps us with the most important things to do. He is very knowledgeable and will share with us what he can. He is not just a chiropractor. He helps us with the whole body. He moves the bones and God does the healing. That is the first thing I remember him saying."

- Nicole C.

"I’ve been going to Champion Chiropractic & Dr. Justin for about 2 years & there isn’t as Doctor like him anywhere. He constantly is keeping up with anything pertaining to our health so he can teach us. How many Doctors do you know who teach classes after hours? One of which is “Shop With The Doc”. He actually takes you shopping to show you healthy alternatives & what he puts in his cart. One thing I really like is Dr. Justin takes time to talk with you & if you have a question you can talk to him at your appointment or you can call him at the office. Since going to Dr. Justin I’ve lost around 30 lbs. & the only reason I went to the Dr. was I had to find a new one. I strongly recommend Champion Chiropractic & Dr. Justin, you’ll be glad you did!"

- Terri P.

"I am currently a patient of Dr. Justin Luneburg and began my wellness and health awareness journey about 17 months ago. I initially did not have any previous experience with chiropractic care and had some reservations because of my lack of knowledge of such. Today, I would freely admit my decision to be a patient of Dr. Justin has positively been a “life-changing” decision. Dr. Justin is extremely talented and he cares about his patients and their health improvement. He is always willing to counsel and answer your questions. He empowers you to take control of your health. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Dr. Justin Luneburg and his chiropractic practice to everyone."

- Ross D.

"I'm so glad I found Dr. Justin, he is an amazing chiropractor, teacher and friend. He’s not like other chiropractors that you go and see when you’re having a headache or back pain only. At CFC you get on a regular schedule and you fix the problem at its source. You will learn all about a healthy diet, how to rid your body of toxins & at home exercises to improve the results of your adjustments. I learn something new every single time I am there. I’ve been working with Dr. Justin for over a year to improve my health and I’ve gotta say it’s so worth it, my kids and I look forward to every visit."

- Heather P.

"I’m so grateful to have found Dr Justin. I like that his touch is gentle but powerfully effective. I don’t feel beat up after my adjustment. I feel energized and ready to tackle my day . Thank you! Dr Justin. I look forward to my weekly visit."

- Heidi P.

"I’ve been receiving chiropractic care for many years. Of all the doctors I’ve ever seen, Dr. Justin Luneburg has the most skilled hands by far – very gentle, yet powerful. His treatment program is more effective than any I’ve been on. I love the way he shares is knowledge to educate me on how to live a healthy life through diet and by avoiding toxins. He treats the whole person and I believe he truly cares about his patients."

- Konni F.

"Justin is an amazing doctor who is committed to achieving your total mind and body wellness. He sincerely cares about YOU. I have been his patient for over two years and am truly in such better health."

- Cheryl J. P.

"I’ve been seeing Dr Justin for over a year. I feel great, I’ve lost weight, and I have energy. Need I say more? If you’re looking for a holistic approach, he’s the one."

- Michael S.

"I was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy in June of 2014. After a week of it getting worse I went to see Justin. He explained to me the treatment and within 2 weeks it was gone."

- John S.

"So thankful to have found Dr Justin! After suffering from migraines for 15 years+ I am happy to be headache FREE! What an amazing feeling to wake up daily and not worry about popping 2 Excedrin Migraine 3 times a day. After getting such amazing results I have not been able to stop talking to people about him. He spends quality time listening and explaining how he will help. When you leave his office you not only receive an amazing adjustment & Vibe…you get a dose of positive vibes that last for days!"

- Lindsey O.

"I have been seeing Dr. Justin for over a year. I love that he is more about caring for the injury rather than just a quick fix. His attention to detail is to providing a thorough adjustment. He has helped me to get on a maintenance plan and i feel better then ever. Dr. Justin takes his time to give a thorough adjustment. I would recommend Dr. Justin to anyone looking to improved their health and get back to a clean living."

- Barbara A.

"I was blessed when my daughter-in-law invited me to hear Dr.Justin speak about Maximized Living & his knowledge concerning living life healthy, that was two years ago. Dr. Justin’s caring & expertise in adjusting has kept me healthy for these two years. At 59, I don’t worry about being a burden to my children as I have learned how to take care of myself with preventative care. I am also a fan of his boss, Jesus. Dr. Justin works with excellence! I highly recommend this young man!"

- Kathleen O.

"I was experiencing congestion in my ears and thought a chiropractor might be able to help. I found Dr. Justin online and called to make an appointment, hoping to get in the same day. I had to leave a message, but he called back quickly and was very personable over the phone and was able to see me the same day."

- Lori W.

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